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Manufacturing & Quality Control

  • Understand your working environment.
  • Study the male/female and age profile of your employees.
  • Speak to people who really matter- the future wearers. Their options of the current uniform and what they would prefer to wear is invaluable.
  • Staff discount on all items in the Simon Jersey catalogue
  • Interview market and brand champions to ensure the future 'look' will support your brand.

We're always looking for new ideas and technologies to give our customers the best possible service. Our designers seek out manufacturers who will work closely with us to develop leading-edge fabrics with practical advantages - ant-bacterial, mechanical stretch, stain resistant, flame retardant and moisture management qualities are just a few. We continuously explore and test new fibre mixes and construction techniques to improve comfort and durability.

Wherever they are in the world we insist that the manufacturers we work with must adhere to our strict ethical and environmental guidelines. And we only work with factories that come up with the goods, are able to supply the quantities required, and meet target costs, deadlines and lead times.

Before production starts, three sets of sealed samples are made. One set is for your approval, one set is assigned to the manufacturer so that the garments can be matched against the original samples throughout production, and the third set is for the finished article will adhere to our strict quality standards. We also demand shipment samples to ensure that goods comply with agreed specifications before they are dispatched.

Quality Control inspectors regularly visit our factories to ensure that all garments conform to sealed sample specifications. We have a rigorous supplier appraisal system and garments are again checked on arrival at our central UK warehouse.

Stringent garment and fabric performance tests are carried out in-house and by accredited independent laboratories. We continually test batches of fabric for shade continuity, fell and construction to ensure that subsequent deliveries match the original fabric.

To make sure that your MEESIM garments retain their quality in the weeks, months and years to come, we issue comprehensive laundry instructions for your employees, and "How to Wear" guides.

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